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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Coding ?

Coding is the art of writing instructions in a language that computers understand. 


Some language examples are HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python etc. 

2. Will i get Certificates.

Yes. We will award you the Hitimuh Certificate of Completion after every course you successfully complete

3. Why should i learn at Hitmuh ?

No theories Bluf here. Its all step by step learning that makes you build coded websites, apps etc

4. Is Hitimu recognised in Kenya ?

Hitimu is a legally registerd LLC in Kenya, to share 21st century skills with any one who wishes. However our cerficates are not yet recognized and can thus not be traded for university credits. 

However our ideal learner is one who wants to get skills and build a portfolio. 

Please note : Modern companies are now not mostly interested in the certificate you have but rather the protfulio you have build and also what you can as a programer.